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Making over your mindset is the first step in embracing how dope you really are. We are all born with everything we need to be dope. De Lacy Paisley has the profound skills and ability to provide the straight talk needed to help you activate the power of the greatness inside of you. You will walk away feeling you have the passion and purpose to Be DŌP, Because You Are! Dope On Purpose leave DOP Life.

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Live the life you’ve always dreamed. Let go of self-limiting beliefs and unnecessary suffering. The 55 DŌP Life affirmations will allow you to tap into your true, dope self. Along with the affirmations De Lacy delivers captivating, charismatic encouragement which renews your swagger allowing you to be the dopest.

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Everyone Can Be DŌP

I Love To Help People Realize How DŌP They Are!

Life Coaching

I have been coaching individuals to help them get to their DŌP Life by helping them to show up as their authentic self and determine the passion that fuels their DŌP dreams.

Health Coaching

A certified health and wellness coach, a ketogenic lifestyle expert, mom of nationally ranked athletes. I offer health and wellness coaching services for creating your Dopest Life through self-care and releasing old habits.

Group Coaching

It started with the successful DŌP Life Detox Program.​ I have created mind, body, soul group coaching programs for corporate clients and athletic organizations resulting in changed mindsets and behaviors to achieve maximum results.

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I Help You Stay Healthy

About Me

De Lacy Paisley

De Lacy Paisley is an author, dynamic speaker, Life and Health coach , and a DŌP individual who created the DŌP Life platform as a part of her DŌP Life Detox Program. An overcomer of domestic violence, homelessness, a speech impediment, and an autoimmune disease De Lacy found different tools to help on her journey to her own DŌP Life.

She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and has spent over 20 years in leadership in Corporate America. As a mom of amazing adult children who are also student-athletes she has a passion for helping others see and become their true DŌP selves.


My Happy Clients!

Area Of Expertise

Affirmations are positive words or statements encouraging a positive mindset and self-empowerment.

Designed to help attendees realize the power in casting a vision to manifest your DŌP Life.

The DŌP Life Detox Program is a mind, body, and soul program to reset your mind and body and get you to your DŌP Life!

Sharing my story or customizing a talk to get your organization ready for the next level thinking and achieving is a part of what I offer.

I've Watched Clients Birth New Businesses, Love, And Their Hearts Desires.

Being able to see your vision clearly helps you to turn dreams into reality. The DŌP Life Vision Board Workshop helps you do just that!

Detox Your Mind And Body To Positively Impact Your True DŌP Soul.

Affirmations, meditation, breath work, healthy living, and ultimately healing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually gets you to your DŌP Life.

Dope Life Meditation

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