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Girl, Makeover Your Mindset And Move From Feeling Invisible And Unheard
To Being Pretty, Poised, And Powerful!

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Move beyond feeling you have to prove and defend who you are. Stop trying to be all things, to all people, at all times. Get to living and loving your dope life. Schedule your call now. Select an available date and time below!

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Be DŌP. Because You Are! - Dope On Purpose

The Mindset Makeover Maven

The Power of Paisley

Has 20+ years of leadership experience in a corporate setting and can give you the straight talk you need to not feel beat down by the grind and empower you to be YOU, authentically

Has written a successful book of affirmations to allow you to replace negativity with positive vibes to attract your dope life.

Has a holistic health and wellness certification and has overcome an autoimmune disease naturally and without pharmaceutical solutions by standing up for the right to partner in healthcare.

Has created successful vision board workshops where you can manifest new businesses, careers, love and any dope things you can imagine.

Has created a movement and a community for women of color and their allies to realize you can overcome the FEAR holding you back and you can Face Everything And Rise above the all limiting thoughts and be your dope self!

/dōp/ adjective - Describing someone or something excellent. great. impressive